Chris Frazier was born in Washington DC and lived in Massachusetts as a boy, and Wyoming as a young man, before moving to L.A. to pursue a career in music. He came from a musical family and began playing drums at the age of 5. Through his childhood and early adulthood, Chris played in school bands and various garage bands before moving to L.A. Over the years, he has recorded and performed with Steve Vai, Edgar Winter, Eddie Money, Whitesnake, Carole King, Tiffany, Eddie Van Halen, Ted Templeman and Gene Simmons, to name a few, before joining Foreigner.

When asked how he feels about performing and touring with Foreigner: "A dream come true. I've always been a fan ever since I heard Double Vision on the radio. That song is going somewhere right from the beginning. Great groove, cool riffs and saxophone? In Rock? Who does that??? Anyway, I had all the albums and the thing that's so cool is that Mick managed to fuse Rock, R&B and pop into one sound. For me that covers a broad spectrum of rhythmic feels that I love to explore. I'm also honored to be working with such talented and down to earth people. Normally you get one or the other."